Chevrolet Nova

We have headliners, quarter sail panels and sun visors for the interior restoration of your Chevrolet Nova.


There were a variety of vinyls used as Chevy Nova materials. The Nova headliner, quarter panels and sun visors should be restored with the same material. We therefore have included packages on our headliner pages. Original Chevrolet Nova headliner, sun visor and quarter panel vinyls include premier, basket weave, line dot and others.

Chevrolet Nova Headliners:

There are some changes within model years (for certan Chevrolet Nova years only) and we will soon be providing Chevrolet Nova vin numbers to assist you for those years. If there is no intra year change in parts then we will list the year range without noting any cautions.

Original Chevrolet Nova Patterns:

All of our Chevrolet Nova headliners, interior panels and sun visors are based on original items removed from Chevrolet Novas with factory original interiors. Computer storage of patterns insures accurate reproductions.

Custom Made:

Please allow us three weeks to complete an order for Chevrolet Nova interior items. They are made to order.

Items Not Listed:

We are still in the process of organizing and listing all our Chevrolet Nova upholstery items (including sun visors, headliners and quarter sail panels.) Therefore please contact us via the support email address on this page if you do not see a clear path to what you need. We will also be happy to send you actual fabric swatches: please specify the year of your Chevrolet Nova and the color or colors you wish mailed to you and include your mailing address.

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