Our company has been a manufacturer and distributor of specialized parts and equipment for the car restoration industry since 1975. It is a family owned business contained in a factory and warehouse owned by our family in Peace Dale, RI. This description is to assure our "visitors" that we are a real "bricks and mortar" company. We have a reputation within our industry and with thousands of customers that we have served for nearly a third of a century.

This web site is a response to our customers who would like to place orders at their convenience or would like to review information that is stored on-line.

We are happy to speak with our customers, or greet those that visit us here in Southern Rhode Island. At the same time we would like to take this opportunity to state that this site represents a real and veteran company's work, and that we are responsive and service oriented.

There are about six thousand auto upholstery shops in the United States and similar shops around the world. Some jobs do suggest that experienced hands tackle them. Others, such as sun visor or snap in headliner installation are easy enough for the handy person. For those car owners who are confident and want to tackle 'high end' upholstery work, we suggest that they purchase the body shop manual for their car. These manuals show exploded diagrams of the particular car, and they list parts, by dealer number, that may be required.

For texts on general automotive upholstery, there are several good ones available in paperback editions. Also we supply instructions, as indicated, for many of the items we sell.

We cannot offer custom consultation on installation work. The decision to perform self-installation can be made by most thoughtful people, and they can always 'back out' and hire a shop.

In the United States, the 'yellow pages' heading for such shops is "Automobile Seat Covers, Upholstery and Tops."

Shipping is done either from our own warehouse, or from our cooperating factories. We manufacture hundreds of products in our own shops. And we sell to, and buy from, other factories. We are therefore in a position to offer a wide variety of upholstery parts.

Shipping is usually done by United Parcel or Federal Express. Small items are often shipped by the Postal Service Priority Mail.

We ship all over the world.

Many popular items are stocked and can be shipped immediately. Please bear in mind that there are many thousands of parts and fabrics, colors, years, models, etc. No one can stock them all.

If you are anxious for expedited shipment, please email or call: Email questions or phone calls are answered personally and with consideration. Check the 'contact' link from our home page for our email addresses and phone numbers.

Everything we sell carries a warranty. A warranty is a document that offers expedited replacement of an item that proves deficient or wrong. A warranty also offers replacement of merchandise that fails 'in the field.'

Warranties vary and all contain the requirement that faulty items be returned for examination.

Therefore our most important guaranty is that we will continue the level of service that our customers have experienced for over thirty years.

Many items that we sell are custom made. Non-original colors, fabrics and related items cannot be re-sold to others. Therefore such items can be returned only under the item's quality warranty.

Warranties cannot be judged by their time duration alone. "Lifetime" warranties which are subject to the escape clauses such as "normal wear and tear excluded" are really sales gimmicks. By virtue of our stature in this industry and the volume that we do, we can assure our customers of excellent warranty service in the rare instances that may be required.

If you wish to place an order with us you can do it securely on this web site. This site has been designed with the highest level of communication security. If you are more comfortable not working on line, you can
(1) Call 800-999-2892 between 9 and 5 eastern time monday through friday. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards.
(2) Fax us at 401-789-5650. This is a 24 hour fax line which is located in the sales office and is not accessible to any unauthorized personnel. It is secure.
(3) You can enclose payment and remit to:

M & T Mfg. Co.
30 Hopkins Lane
Peacedale, RI 02879.

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Car Upholstery Guys is a division of M&T Manufacturing. At Car Upholstery Guys, you'll find many car upholstery products including seat covers, headliners, sun visors, and door panels. Our factory and warehouse have been serving car restorers since 1975. You can also visit our sister websites:, home to convertible tops and convertible top parts, and, a comprehensive shopping destination for classic Volkswagen restorers.

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