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About Our Mazda Miata Seat Covers

We offer factory replacement Mazda Miata seat covers. Please do not compare our Mazda Miata seat covers with Mazda Miata covers which are slip overs (that go over your existing Miata seat covers.) Our Miata seat covers are high-quality replacement seat upholstery. You will need to remove your Mazda Miata seats from the vehicle to install them.

We offer Mazda Miata seat covers for 1990-1997, 1996-1997, 1999-2000, and 2001-2005 Mazda Miata cars. Our Miata seat covers are guaranteed to fit your front bucket seats. Miata seat covers come with or without seatbelt cutouts and in some cases, with or without speaker cutouts in the headrests.

Our Miata seat coves come with hog rings, hog ring pliers, and good installation instructions.

Mazda Miata Seat Cover Fabrics:

Most of our Mazda Miata seat covers are in popular seat cover vinyls, like Hampton Vinyl and Sierra Vinyl. Our Miata seat covers are available in original Mazda Miata seat colors.


Our seat covers are made using original Mazda Miata covers. The factory has computer directed cutting equipment in which original Miata seat covers patterns have been stored. This guarantees precise duplication of the original Miata seats for a good fit.

Samples and Delivery:

We offer pictures of our Miata seat cover swatches on our Miata seat cover pages. You may also order a swatch, which we will mail to you free of charge.

Our seat covers are custom made from original Mazda Miata seat patterns. We can supply your Miata seats with or without the speaker opening holes found in some cars. Please allow about three weeks for us to make your Mazda Miata seat covers carefully and accurately.

Convertible Tops Too !

We also sell Miata convertible tops. If you are in the market for one, please visit our sister website:

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