Ford Mustang Headliners

The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular cars ever produced. Classic Mustang owners commonly purchase and install their own Mustang parts, particularly Mustang upholstery and Mustang headliners.

Ford Mustang Bow Mounted Headliners:
The earlier Ford Mustangs headliner was bow mounted. These Ford Mustang headliners are suspended from the roof with rods called headliner bows. These headliner bows generally can be reused a few times. If your Ford Mustang headliner bows require replacing, please inquire.

Ford Mustang Headliner Fabrics:
We offer Ford Mustang headliners in original Mustang vinyls. We are displaying replacement Ford Mustang headliners in the most popular fabric for that year. Please inquire if you would like to see samples of other fabrics. We have scanned Mustang headliner fabrics individually, so your Mustang page (links shown on this page) should give you a clear idea of the color and grain you would be getting for your Mustang. If you wish to receive a swatch, please indicate the Mustang headliner vinyl and color and we will cut and mail you a piece.

Select Your Mustang:
The Mustang upholstery links will take you to your Ford Mustang headliner page. Please select your choice of headliner fabric and jot it down. The checkout message box will request that you write in your choice of Mustang headliner fabric.

Original Replacement Headliners:
Our Ford Mustang headliners are precisely made, using original Ford Mustang headliners as patterns. All headliners are made to order. Cutting is done with computer directed machinery to guarantee an original fit for your Mustang. As these headliners are made to order, please allow approximately three weeks for us to ship your Ford Mustang replacement headliner.

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