Ford Truck Seat Covers

Ford Truck Seat Covers are not Slip Overs !

The factory has, since the forties, been collecting original upholstery, such as Ford truck seat covers. All Ford truck seat covers, having been collected, are converted into computer stored patterns for reproducing your Ford truck seat covers. These are not slip overs ! Our Ford truck seat covers are installed like your original seat covers were in the Ford factory: you remove your seats from the truck and follow our excellent instructions and install your new Ford truck seat covers.

Ford Truck Seat Cover Fabrics

Original colors of Ford truck seat cover vinyls are well reproduced. We have scanned Ford truck replacement seat cover vinyls and velours for you to examine. Replacement seat covers are available in either a single fabric or in two fabrics. In two fabric replacement seat covers the trim is usually vinyl and the "insert" of the seat (bottom and back) a contrasting truck vinyl or velour.

Usually shoppers for replacement seat covers can establish a clear choice from the scans of our seat cover fabrics. However, if you wish, you can send an email to our support mail box to request swatch samples. We would cut and quickly mail you samples of fabric for your replacement Ford truck seat covers.

Ford Truck Seat Covers are Custom Made

If you order seat covers on line, or via one of our sales staff, please note that the execution of your Ford truck seat cover order will require about three weeks. We 'pull' the original (stored) patterns for those truck seats, execute the fabric cutting in your seat cover fabric choice or choices and have the replacement seat covers fabricated. Along with your Ford truck seat covers will come hog rings and tools for their installation.

Do It Youself

While most of our seat covers orders are shipped to owners who will install the seat covers themselves, we can ship to an automobile upholstery shop of your choice. The instructions for installation of your truck seat covers are available, summarized, on your truck page on this site. For those of you considering further upholstery do-it-yourself work the seat cover installation, as well as carpet work, headliner and other upholstery work is beautifully and thoroughly covered in the 'Taylor' upholstery handbook available also at your Ford truck page on this site.

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