Chevrolet Malibu Headliner

About Our Chevy Malibu Headliners

Replacing your Chevy Malibu headliner will improve the overall look of the interior of Chevy Malibu. We offer Chevy Malibu headliners for the 1978-1983 Chevy Malibu. You can order a replacement Chevy Malibu headliner in quarter-inch foam-backed cloth. You can also order a Chevy Malibu headliner board, which comes ready to be covered in the headliner material of your choice.

Our Chevy Malibu headliners are made of plastic boards vacuum formed at 320 degrees Fahrenheit. This means your Chevy Malibu headliner will hold its shape even on a hot summer day.

All of our Chevy Malibu headliners come with installation instructions. We also offer an Automotive Upholstery Handbook, which will help you install your Chevy Malibu headliner. You will also find a spray adhesive, which is helpful in installing your Chevy Malibu headliner.

If you’d like a Chevy Malibu headliner in a color or material you don’t see here, please call our sales office at 401-789-7720 or email us at

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