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We offer replacement Buick Roadmaster sun visors, which we have for all years 1957-1958 Buick Roadmasters. Our replacement Roadmaster visors come in a selection of fabrics. Our Buick Roadmaster sun visors are top-quality sun visors. They are the best replacement sun visors on the market today.

Our Roadmaster sun visors are made of Medium Density Fiberboard, a material that consists of wood fibers, wax, and resin engineered under a high temperature to produce a sun visor that is flexible and strong. Our Roadmaster sun visor edges are beveled and routed to insure the binding is firm against the edges of the visor.

Our sun visors are better quality than the original Buick sun visors because they are moisture resistant and won't warp like the original Buick visors, which were made of untreated cardboard. All metal channels are Galvanized Steel, rust resistant, and attached to the Fiberboard using a pneumatic rivet machine for long-lasting durability. All visor pins are heavy-duty Zinc-plated, steel. They are securely welded into position. All sun visor materials are laminated to each other to prevent separation. Sun visor brackets are not included, but are available for some cars.

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