Ford Galaxie Headliners

Our headliners are made from patterns from original roofs for the model of the Ford Galaxie for which they are intended. Ford Galaxie headliners are accurately made to order from these original Galaxie headliner patterns and will ship in approximately five days from the order date.

Galaxie Headliner Bows:
The Galaxie headliners snap to the car roof via rods called headliner bows. Your Galaxie headliner bows should be easily removable from the old headliner and used in the new headliner. Please contact us if you would like us to provide new Galaxie headliner bows.

Galaxie Headliner Fabrics:
Original Ford Galaxie headliners were made of vinyl or cotton, depending on the model or year. Some Galaxie models came in more than one fabric. Your Galaxie page will show scans of fabrics from which we can make your headliner. These are usually Ford Crater vinyl, Ford Tier vinyl or Napped cotton cloth.

Selecting Your Galaxie Headliner:
To the right are links to various years of Ford Galaxie. Select the page that applies to your car. You will be taken to a secure ordering page from which you can see the headliner fabrics, prices for the various headliners, and where you will be able to shop securely for your replacement headliner.

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