Mercury Cougar Headliners

Mercury Cougar headliners were, through 1979 "bow mounted" headliners.

Bow Mounted Headliners:
The Mercury Cougar roof was covered with Ford/Mercury Tier vinyl fabric held in place by special headliner bows. Cougar headliner bows should last through several headliner replacements. Please notify us if you require us to cut replacements for your Cougar headliner bows.

Snap In Headliners:
The industry made design changes in later headliners. In particular, the later Ford and Mercury headliners, like other headliners, were made of a board that was contoured like the roof and covered with headliner fabric. These snap into place in the roof. We offer the "scrape and cover" headliner packages for those who wish to scrape the old fabric from the headliner backing board and glue on the new fabric.

We also offer the full, ready to snap in, later model Mercury and Ford headliner. These have weatherproof ABS plastic backer boards, superior to the original. They have the accessories cutouts and come with instructions for installation. Note that 1979 and earlier Mercury Cougars had the bow mount headliner.

Original Patterns:
Our factory has been in business since the thirties and has a tradition of collecting original upholstery and making patterns and accurate reproductions from them. Original headliners were collected and our Mercury Cougar replacement headliners are all made from original patterns. In the bow hung headliner the center line of each headliner is marked and extra headliner fabric is provided around the perimeter which allows for stretching, aligning and trimming of the headliner to fit most easily.

Secure Ordering:
The links at the right will take you to your Mercury Cougar headliner page. There you will see scans of headliner fabric and pricing for your headliner. Please consult us at if you have questions about your Mercury Cougar headliner replacement or if you wish us to cut and send to you sample headliner swatches.

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