Mercury Monarch Headliners

The Mercury Monarch was first released by Ford in 1975. The Monarch is a mid sized sedan with some popularity among restorers. Production of the Mercury Monarch ended in 1980. Two door and four door Monarchs were manufactured. The roof lines of the Monarchs differ according to the number of doors and the year of production.

Mercury Monarch Bow Mounted Headliners:
The Mercury Monarch headliner was bow mounted. The headliner is suspended from the roof with rods called headliner bows. These bows generally can be reused a few times. If your headliner bows require replacing, please inquire.

Headliner Fabrics:
Most Mercury Monarch headliners were Ford Tier grain vinyl. We offer replacements in original Tier grained headliner vinyl. The links at the right will take you to your car's headliner page. Please select your choice of fabric and jot it down. The checkout message box will request that you write in your choice of Monarch headliner fabric.

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