Ford Ranchero Headliners

The Ford Ranchero is a sort of sedan-pickup truck! Over half a million Ford Ranchero vehicles were produced between 1955 and 1979 and the Ford Ranchero is now a popular restoration car.

Ford Ranchero Bow Mounted Headliners:
The Ford Ranchero headliner was bow mounted. The headliner is suspended from the roof with rods called headliner bows. These bows generally can be reused a few times. If your Ranchero headliner bows require replacing, please inquire.

Headliner Fabrics:
Most Ford Ranchero headliners were Ford Tier grain vinyl. But other fabrics were utilized in original Ranchero headliners. These include napped cotton, crater grain vinyl and others. We are displaying replacement Ranchero headliners in the most popular fabric for that year. Please inquire if you would like to see samples of other fabrics.

Select Your Ranchero:
The links at the right will take you to your Ford Ranchero headliner page. Please select your choice of fabric and jot it down. The checkout message box will request that you write in your choice of Ranchero headliner fabric.