Cadillac Sun Visors

We offer replacement Cadillac sun visors. The sun visors are meticulous reproductions in choice of fabric covering bonded over a padded fiberboard core.

Cadillac Sun Visor Fabrics

We can have replacement Cadillac sun visors made in your choice of fabric covering. The site page for your Cadillac will show some sample sun visor fabrics; however you can contact us if you prefer alternative sun visor fabric on your own Cadillac.

Cadillac Sun Visor Core:

These are the highest quality sun visors on the market. The core is a resin and clay impregnated fiberboard. This insures that the resulting sun visor cannot deteriorate from within. Sun visor edges are finely and tightly bound to a beveled core edge which prevents the sun visor from prematurely deteriorating along its rim.

Cadillac Sun Visor Fittings:

Depending on the year of your Cadillac, your sun visor will have metal fitments, channels, visor pins, etc. All metal sun visor parts are made of rust resistant steel and all welded or riveted parts are attached with original placement.

Matching Cadillac Headlining:

We are in the process of loading Cadillac headliners to our site. Some sun visor customers may wish to match their headliner or to purchase both in matching fabrics. Please contact us at our "support" email if you have any sun visor questions or other Cadillac interior restoration question.

Shopping For Your Cadillac Sun Visor:

The links to the right will take you to your Cadillac page for your sun visor or other upholstery selection. Just click on your Cadillac page and you will see fabric swatch scans, sun visor pricing and related information. You can order securely at our site. General information about our company is at the various links you will see on the site pages.

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