Buick Regal

We have been serving the car restorer since 1974. We can supply factory replacement seat covers, headliners, seat covers and other upholstery for the Buick Regal.

Buick Regal Seat Covers

Our Buick Regal seat covers are not slip covers. These are factory replacement seat covers for your Buick Regal. They are available in original Buick Regal styles, including pleating, fabrics etc. The seat covers are installed according to instructions supplied with all of our Buick Regal seat covers. Please click on the link to your Buick Regal year and you will be taken to a page showing your Regal seats, pricing, fabric selection and other information.

Buick Regal Headliners

We can supply any 1978-1988 Buick Regal headliner replacement. Headliner installation instructions are included and should enable the Regal owner to perform his own installation per the instructions. These Regal headliners have superior to original contoured backing. The fabric is a foam backed velour cloth in most original Buick Regal colors. Please select the headliner page from the link list on this page. You will see Regal fabrics, headliner descriptions, pricing etc. and be able to order your Buick Regal factory replacement headliner.

Buick Regal Door Panels

Buick Regal door panels are made in the vinyl and velour configuration that you will be able to view. Just click on the Regal door panel link on this page. You will be taken to a page showing original Buick Regal door panel configuration picture, available fabrics and a list of panels with pricing.

Buick Regal Sun Visors

The link on this page will take you to the replacement Buick Regal sun visors, which we have for all years 1964-1988 Buick Regals. There will be a full description of the structure of our replacement Regal visors and a selection of fabrics.

Product Reliability and Delivery

It is impossible to warehouse all combinations of fabric, cars and years. We have original Buick Regal parts from which we have computer stored 'maps' allowing very accurate reproduction of your Buick Regal upholstery item. Please allow approximately two weeks for us to process and make your Buick Regal upholstery item.

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