The Chevrolet Camaro is among the most popular cars to restore. The Camaro is eagerly sought, purchased, rebuilt and driven!

Camaro History

The Chevrolet Camaro was originally going to be called the Chevrolet "Panther" by GM, possibly because the Chevrolet Camaro was conceived as a competitor to the Ford Mustang. Fortunately the name Camaro was chosen and it stuck. This was likely due to Chevrolet's affinity for "C" names! The first Chevrolet Camaro models were the 1967 which were rolled out in the fall of 1966.

Camaro Upholstery

From the beginning Chevrolet offered a large line of Camaro upholstery fabrics and colors: primarily vinyls and velours. Chevrolet Camaro interior components (headliners, door panels, sun visors, seat covers, etc.) have been accurately copied and even fabric colors that were Camaro originals are available. In addition there are automotive handbooks on upholstery that should enable any Camaro restorer to redo his/her interior successfully. Our own Chevy Camaro interior items come with instructions that are intended for the do-it-yourself Camaro restorer.

Camaro Seat Covers

Chevrolet Camaro seat covers are available either as factory replacement or as 'slip overs.' Our company does not sell Chevrolet Camaro slipovers. We feel that worthy Camaro restoration calls for the replacement of the original Camaro seat covers which, as all factory seat covers, are form fitted to the body of the seat.

Because there were so many style differences in the Chevrolet Camaro seat covers, we have illustrated each Camaro seat with an actual installed Camaro factory replacement seat cover. Please be careful in your selection of your seat design.

Seat covers to replace your Camaro seats are custom made from original Camaro seat cover patterns and are guaranteed to fit. We ask that fabric specifications be made from the Camaro color swatches that are scanned for you.

We understand that there are those Chevrolet Camaro restorers who will want to see a "seat cover swatch in hand." If you want to see actual seat cover fabric swatches, please email us with your mailing address and supply the Camaro seat cover fabric and colors you want to receive. They will go out quickly in the mail.

Camaro Headliners, Door Panels, Sun Visors, etc.

All of our Chevy Camaro interior replacement items are accurately made from original Camaro parts. Please allow approximately two weeks for your order to be created and shipped.

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