The American Mercury Capri and the Australian Ford Capri were named differently depending on the market. We have precise patterns for accurate replacement of original Capri seats and Capri front door panel inserts.

Mercury Capri Seats

Mercury (and Ford) Capri seats were originally offered as leather seats or as cloth seats. As the two Mercury Capri seats were fastened very slightly differently we ask our shoppers to identify their replacement seat cover selection according to their original Capri seat fabric.

Our Capri seats are not slipovers. Please do not compare these accurate reproduction seat covers with cheap alternatives.

These are intended for faithful restoration of Capri interior and the seat covers apply to the seat body just like the factory original seat covers did. We supply hog rings, hog ring plyers and instructions for the do-it-yourself restorer.

Original Capri seat colors were ebony, granite (slightly lighter), medium opal, torch red and saddle. Edging was unperforated vinyl and inserts were perforated vinyl. Many restorers prefer to use unperforated vinyl throughout.

As leatherette vinyl seat covers are half as costly as genuine leather, and provide nearly as good total life expectancy, our vinyl seat covers significantly outsell our leather seat covers.

If you prefer genuine leather seat covers for your Mercury or Ford Capri, please email us at the "support" email address below. Provide your address and we will mail actual leather samples.

Desirability of Mercury and Ford Capri

The Mercury and Ford Capri are both being lovingly maintained by their owners. Because of their durability and practicality Mercury and Ford Capri cars are being restored lovingly as well. Please let us know if we can assist with your Capri restoration.

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