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Chevrolet Truck Upholstery

For the Chevrolet truck we offer seat covers, door panels, sun visors and headliners.

Chevrolet Truck Seat Covers

Our Chevrolet truck seat covers are NOT slip overs. We offer seat covers for all of the specific Chevrolet trucks listed in the links at the right. Every Chevrolet truck seat cover replicates the original exactly in design, and geometry. Each Chevrolet seat cover is based on precise copies of original seat covers taken from its Chevrolet truck. Our factory has been collecting original seat covers ,door panels, sun visors and other upholstery since the early forties. We can therefore offer Chevy truck seat covers like your originals.

Colors and fabrics are also fine reproductions of original Chevrolet truck seat fabrics. We have scanned replica Chevrolet truck vinyls an velours. However if you are uncertain of your seat cover fabric choice please email us your address and we will send seat cover fabric swatches in the colors and fabrics that you specify.

Chevrolet Truck Seat Cover Installation

We do encourage do-it-yourself installation of Chevrolet replacement seat covers. The process is time consuming but does not involve processes beyond the capability of the handy Chevrolet truck restorer. We therefore provide good do-it-yourself instructions with each set of seat covers we ship. Also included are hog rings and hog ring plyers for original factory replacing of your seat covers per original design. If you are interested in doing more of your own upholstery then we recommend the 'Taylor Handbook' which we can quickly ship to you. It is the best book for the DIY Chevrolet truck upholstery restorer or for any vehicle. It is a quite elaborate guide to all of the interior restoration of seat covers, headliners, door panels etc.

More on Chevrolet Seat Cover Installation

Chevrolet seat covers are installed after the old seat covers are sliced off of the underlying seat fill. Our replacement seat covers come with instructions and the required hog rings and hog ring plyers. These are not slip over or universal type seat covers They are based on original Chevrolet seat covers, as mentioned.

Seat Covers are Custom Made

It is impossible to stock all years, styles, colors etc. Once we receive a seat cover replacement order please allow approximately two to three weeks for its completion.

In order to insure satisfaction with your color or colors that you wish for your new truck seats, consider emailing us with your color choices and we will quickly send you swatches of the colors you wish to have in your hand. Most seat cover fabric colors are pretty sure to be confidently chosen from the seat cover fabric scans we show on the site page. Some Chevrolet owners in order to be absolutely certain of satisfaction with the finished seat covers might wish to request seat cover fabric swatches.

What About Slip Covers

The difference between factory replacement seat covers and slip overs is analagous to the difference between panty hose and slacks ! Though slip covers are cheaper, and install directly over existing the seat, they are generally made of cheap fabric substitutes, fit too loosely to last nearly as long as factory replacement seat covers and are therefore less desirable for the Chevrolet truck owner who loves his car. There are also less precisely fitted, more universal, seat covers on the market. If you see seat covers listed for a diverse group of year, models (i.e. not specifically specified for the year and model of your Chevrolet truck) then those are not original replacement seat covers.


Install Instructions and Tools Come with Seat Covers

Do it yourself installation is quite popular among owners of Chevrolet truck. Our package of replacement seat covers will arrive with a full complement of hog rings, hog ring plyers and a set of installation instructions.

We have authentic factory replacement Chevrolet truck upholstery beginning with the 1947 Chevy truck. We have posted pictures of the Chevrolet truck seat cover types to aid in the proper identification of the style of your own Chevy truck seat cover replacement. Please inquire if you do not see the Chevrolet truck upholstery you need.

Chevrolet Truck Original Upholstery

We emphasize that Chevrolet truck seat covers are not "slip overs." Our Chevrolet truck seat covers are made to replace the factory seat covers and are based on original Chevrolet seat cover patterns.

If you do not see the Chevy truck seat cover fabric of your choice please email us at our support address: We can mail you samples of actual Chevrolet seat cover fabrics in order you to be absolutely certain of achieving the color seat that you wish to have in your truck.

Do It Yourself

Instructions, hog rings and hog ring pliers come with all of our Chevrolet truck seats.

Classic Chevrolet Truck

There are a lot of Chevrolet truck seat covers out there. Our factory has secured original product in order to accurately emulate. Original Chevrolet seat covers have been collected since the forties ! Patterns based on these original seat covers were eventually scanned and computerized guaranteeing consistently good product and fit. We must emphasize that fabrics are reproductions of original Chevrolet seat cover (and sun visor etc.) fabrics, configuration is original as well as original seat cover design. And, again, these are not revised seat covers nor are they slip covers. These products are for the owner who loves his or her Chevy truck.

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