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The headliner is the interior roof lining. Auto headliners may require replacement, and it is often a job that the do-it-yourselfer can perform.

Car headliners, since the seventies, have usually been made as a molded snap in unit. There is a backing to the headliner that has the shape of the roof. The headliner is covered with fabric, most often foam backed cloth. The complete headliner that we offer is ready to install: the backing is molded ABS plastic (superior to original cardboard materials) and the cloth is permanently bonded.

Whatever the current headliner covering, the crucial feature is the correct shape. Your new headliner fabric can be chosen from among many original and new headliner colors. Our foam backed cloth scan shows many colors. You can choose any one for any auto headliner. The only provision is that your original headliner have been a molded unitized headliner. These are direct replacement headliners.

Auto upholstery shops (listed under "automobile seat covers upholstery and tops" in your yellow pages) perform this type of installation frequently. If you are thinking of doing it yourself, instructions are included with all of our molded automobile headliners. As your headliner is large you may want an extra pair of hands to assist.

Under "Literature" we offer a "how to" book on DIY upholstery. It has been chosen among many auto upholstery manuals for its clarity and thoroughness. It includes much material on auto headliners and headliner installation.

Older headliners require the gluing of fabric to the headliner backing within the car. This is a messier and more time consuming job than the installation of molded headliners. The book on Auto Upholstery does describe, in detail, this type of headliner installation.

Convertible headliners are offered at another site: www.convertibletopguys.com. Convertible headliners are not offered at carupholsteryguys.com.

You may go to our home page and select your car. The links at the right include most of our molded headliners. We have listed many of the cars for which we offer better than original ABS plastic backed molded headliners. Please let us know if you have any questions. We answer all emails promptly.

If you want to replace a headliner that is not listed, please inquire. We will forward scans of fabric swatches and a quote. This includes the older type of "scrape and cover" headliner where the fabric is glued, by the installer, to the roof. The DIY book does cover this in a thorough chapter on old fashioned headliners.

If any factory makes your car headliner, we can get it. We are one of the largest car upholstery manufacturers and distributors in the country.

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